20 Nov 2010

My Handmade Chanel Bag

Went to a baking class today, conducted by Anna. Really enjoy her style of teaching, full of laughters.
There are a lot of reasons why I love about her class, 1) classes are small only 12 people, she can coach one by one we have any problems.2) she really considerate person, prepared honey tea for us & also cakes made by her during breaks.3) she really have hell lots of patient with us who is a first timer!
I made a Chanel bag, really not that easy. But I manage to make one! So proud of myself!!

9 Nov 2010

Happy Birthday to my helper.. Marin

Bought a cake for my helper. My little girls were so excited!

7 Nov 2010

So sweet of them...

Angela: "Mummy this is for you.." so sweet of her cooked noodles for me. Angela & Belinda are preparing dinner for me. Some I love being a parent.

5 Nov 2010

Happy Deepavali!!!

The gals will like to wish everyone have a happy Deepavali & nice long holiday ahead. Cheers!