30 Sep 2010

My New Gadget - Sony NEX 3

I have been thinking of getting a new camera for a long.... time, but wasn't sure what to get, DSLR? Nikon? Canon? Sony? Lumix? My gosh... so many brands to choose from. Plus I have a idiot to camera, basically I need everything to set as auto. I wasn't sure the effect for different shutter speed & so on.

Anyway, my sister was talking about this Sony camera (Anyway she is a photography genius). So we went to take a look & it took me one week to consider & decide OK, this is the baby I am getting.

Well, the sales person demonstrate alot of great features of this camera, & apparently quite easy to use. I was thinking of whether to choose the NEX 5 or NEX 3, in end I settled with NEX 3 to save the S$300 for the metal casing. I took the latest color white!! Hahahha.. so happy with my new baby.

The best part I like about this camera is, they have a built in camera tuition inside, is it cool! Whether I am bored, I will just take a look at the tips they gave for photo shooting. I think this is pretty cool for me.

Below are some of the photos I took last weekend.

27 Sep 2010

Back For Good

Yea! After MIA for a couple of months, Stacey, Angela & Belinda are finally back in action.

Yes, we are finally back to Singapore for Good! Actually we are already back for quite some time, adjusting ourselves & lifes back here.

So it took me a while to realise I still have a blog that I can update & share, despite I don't have lots of readers though. hahahaa.... but what the heck!

Lots of things happened, now its only me, Angela, Belinda & my maid staying together at where I use to stay since secondary school. I chose not to stay together with my parents at their new apartments for some good reasons, we really need some time out & away from our parents. =)

Hubby only comes back occasionally as he still needs to station in Shanghai, no choice, better pay. Although I did have a pay increase after I was transferred back, yet lots of things are unlike back as a expat which company will pay, for instance electricity bills... =(

Overall still very happy to be back home, can meet up with family once a week for a meal, chill out with my girl frens for high tea or nights out! Chill out with my guys frens for meals or drinks...cool thing when husband not by my side. hahaha... kidding.

Still trying to stay healthy by engaging into a personal trainer for gym, ya... want to tone up my skinny body.

Still trying all ways to dis-stress myself.......the stress level has gone up so high that I was sick for the past 2 weeks. Never in my life I felt that my stress level was going to burst any moment.
So I declare a holiday for myself with my gals & hubby this coming weekend to Phuket! Pamper myself for a luxury & relaxing trip =)

So Good to be Back HOME.....