26 Jul 2009

Costume Parade at Gymboree

My 2 sweet angels dressing up as a fairy! Don't they look adorable! *LOL*

*Little Fairy Belinda*

*Little Fairy Angela*

Weekend Fun Time - Bubble Play

Every weekend I'll think of activities to let my kids to play, otherwise they will go "crazy" at home.

So last weekend we had a bubble play! I don't understand the "thing" between bubbles & children, kids just loves it soooo...much.

PC bought this "look like" frog blowing bubble guns, the idea of having a motor to just blow the bubble is nice, but there are sounds of frogs every time they press the trigger...that sounds making us crazy.

Anyway, the kids think its fun with the whole bubble & sound effect!

Great activities to play with no matter what ages of kids.

*Angela playing happily*

*See how concentrated they are*

*They pretending it a gun & shot Daddy*

*Happily Playing*

*This time they are trying to aim at Mummy*

*They love the speed of the bubbles being blown out*

Happy Birthday to my Beloved Hubby

On the 21st of July, my beloved hubby turned 32 & my twin girls turn 27 month!

Unlike my husband, I think birthday should be celebrated, its the most important day, the day you are born! Your existing make a difference to the world in any way.

Of course not organising a big party, but at least a cake will be nice & warming. We just had a simple dinner with the colleagues & simple candle blowing session.

My husband has changed alot through the marriage, I think both of us do. He is not really that bad initially, just bits of things very annoying. Well, like many people say, no one is perfect.
Anyway, now he really will spend time with the girls, play with them, feed them, & bathe them.
Besides my maid do the cooking, my husband is another chief at home. He actually cooks better than me! *LOL* I'm usually the one being served...hahaha..
Anyway, overall he is a loveable husband, as well as a adorable daddy!

19 Jul 2009

Mini Concert

Time passes really fast, Angela & Belinda is turning 27 months soon. Its really enjoyable to see how they grow & develop each day, making me so proud of them.

Now they are really like a chatty-box, they can tell stories to us by just a picture. Some we understand what they talking about, some we really put lots of question marks on our head, trying to figure out what they are talking about.

They have grown alot in terms of socialising, ever since I enrolled them to nursery. I'm so happy that I made the right choice for them. Coz I always hear a lot of locals here saying how come I let them attending nursery that early.

Recently I found out that Gymboree had a new center just 5 mins walk away from my house, made me very excited about it. So yesterday, my kids & I hop into the center & take a look.
The center was really clean, bright & spacious, they have childhood development program catering for 6 months to 5 years children. After attending their 1st trial class experience, I immediately signed up. Coz both the girls enjoyed the class alot, especially when I asked them if they would like to come again, they were happily saying "YES"! Although the price isn't cheap, but if its good for the kids, I think is worth it.

Anyway, Gymboree has different centers all over the world. For China, you can visit the below website: www.gymboree.com.cn

Below is a video chip showing how Angela & Belinda dance at home, they are trying to imitate how the little dancer in the TV dance.

15 Jul 2009

Back from MIA

Finally back from MIA! Lots of people must be wondering where I have been.

Well, I don't purposely going MIA for no reason. Its just one day, when I try logging on to blogger, it just can't go it. I mean all blogs are not accessible...crazy right! Well its common in China, coz they think their people do not need such information from the web.

They banned youtube & recently Facebook as well!
Doesn't it just sounds like the story "Frog in the Well"? HA!

Anyway, a good friend of mine give me this website to download the software, which allows me to access to all the BANNED websites once I turn it on. Its really funny at time when I'm turning on the software, coz it will say "Privacy: ON, or Turn OFF"! Hahaha...I didn't know going to youtube & blogger have to be soooooooooo private!

Anyway, please pass to your friends whom are "trap" into the same situation as me.
--> Download "Hotspot Shield"

So what had happen in the last few months? Anyway long stories to tell....so to shorten it, I'll post my babies recent photos & start blogging about them a few days later!