22 May 2011

Too many on Going

There has been so many things happen, good & bad.
But I believe things happen for a reason =)

My restaurant have finally open, being busy like crazy. Coz was trying to balance between work & personal life, tell you, its HARD! I still need to continue my work with my dad, so you can imagine how hard it is, I am holding 2 JOBS!

So with so many stress, my body collapse. I had ulcers all over my throat, the infection was so bad that I had fever for 2 weeks, so after the 1st week I admitted into hospital. Coz normal antibotics can't heal me, so I have to take double strong antibotics. Yes, my body got damaged even I have recovered. But I have taken too many drugs, so my body get very weak & tired easily!

I reckon I will need to take a few months to get back to my pink health. =(

One happy thing is hubby is finally transferred back to Singapore & we have plans for the 3rd bb! But I must make sure my body gets better before we start our bb plan. :)