24 Apr 2009

Gymboree - Best Children Wear Online Store

I love search on good online stores that serves good quality things, especially when I can't actually see or feel the texture of the products. Many disappointed me with the poor quality of jewelry, cheap fabrics; pictures can be really deceiving!

But there is one brand that I came across that is really good - Gymboree. I think many mummies must have heard this US brand before. They specialise in selling top quality from babies to big kids clothes!

As for the prices, it can be slightly more expensive compared to children wear in Malaysia, but relatively same price as Singapore. But I usually go for items that are on sales! Coz items are go as low as US$4!

But I must mention this before hand, their clothes are made in China. With the same quality I found much higher price in China compared to Gymboree Online, isn't that weird? Well I figured out that it must be the taxes that have caused the price so not reasonable.

I bought quite number from Gymboree last year, coz the international shipment is so expensive, so have to grab it all, not wasting the shipping fee. The quality were really good, very comfortable, Angela & Belinda are still wearing it.

The reason for so obsess with this brand is becoz of the quality, stylish, sweet & colorful design that I can resist myself from buying! Anyway, they are having 60% spring sales at the moment!

For those mummies or daddies that are in Singapore, you can apply vpost with Singapore Post, which can save you hips on the posting fee. Coz vpost will issue you a US address which Gymboree can deliver to & Singapore post will only charge S$50 for sending back the goods from US to Singapore! The best part is Gymboree is giving free shipping if you shop more than US$100. So worth it!!!

These are some collections that I really love

22 Apr 2009

Angela & Belinda Finally Turns 2!!

Angela & Belinda's birthday is actually on the 21st April, but I needed to go on a business trip so celebrated in advance. We brought cake & gifts to school to celebrate for them, it was really fun! The kids were very excited!
I didn't have time to bake a cake for them, so bought a fruit cake from the bakery.

Teachers are trying to gather the rest of the kids to sit around Angela & Belinda.

Everyone is singing birthday song for them! They looked very shock, didn't know what's happening. *LOL*

*LOL* They didn't know how to react!

Teachers are very sweet, they prepare gifts for each of them!

The kids can't wait to try out the cake!

Family photo shot! The lady beside me is the nanny that take care of my kids!

These are some of their friends, their age around 18 months to 36 months.

Things they can do & likes by now:
  • Eat by themselves
  • Knows how to call their names, & each other names & also 公公, 婆婆, 阿姨, 叔叔, 姑姑&舅舅.
  • Can count numbers
  • Can say different colors in English
  • Can totally follow Barney & Teletubbies dancing actions
  • Knows how to hide things & pretend don't know where they were
  • Can name the songs which they want me to sing.
  • Drawing skills are improving
  • Able to tell me what they do in school
  • Wear shoes by themselves
  • Able to wear pants by themselves
  • Loves to watch animals, know what sounds Cat, Dog, Frog, Duck, Birds, Chicken make.
  • Know how to brush teeth
  • Able to spot insects that are camouflaged
  • Love piling wood block
  • Love to eat yogurt
  • Love eggs & fishes

Funny things about them:

  • Like to dig their nose, then purposely wipe on your clothes or put into our mouths!
  • Love to race
  • Belinda hates vegetable, so whenever I put vegetable with eggs. She eat a few spoons, then look at the bowl & look at me say "菜", meaning they don't know
  • Love to carry a carrier whenever they go out.
  • If one made a mess or mistake or bully, the other one will come & complaint to me.
  • Belinda will ask Angela to keep quiet when she is too noisy.
  • Angela will scold Belinda when she is naughty. *Baby Language*
  • Belinda will hit Angela's butt when she is naughty.
  • Very confidence, whether they accomplish some thing they will say "很棒啊" & clap their hands -_-"

19 Apr 2009

Advance Celebration for Them

Angela & Belinda's birthday suppose to be on the 21st this month, but I need to fly to Northern China for business trip. So no choice have to celebrate in advance, coz I really don't want to miss this important occasion!

Anyway, suppose to go down city today, but PC wasn't free. So I have to do all my shopping in this district called "七宝", coz Capital Hall has invested one shopping mall there which there are a few shops for child stuff.

So the girls went to the toys store to hunt for their birthday present. Actually I'm very picky in terms of buying toys, those I think my girls can't learn anything from the toys I won't refuse to buy for them.
At 1st they were playing with this Teletubbies moving soft toy, PC asked them if they want. Of course, kids want all the toys in the world. But I told them NO, go pick something else. Coz they will just play for 15 mins & leave it in their toy box. In the end we bought colorful piling bricks for them at an offer price, which they enjoyed playing especially with adults encouragement.

They were happily playing at a small play area in the shop.

This little tent suppose to let kids play with little plastic balls, since there are none, my kids invented a new way to play with it.

This is when she is READY!

See they play as if the tent is a rolling ball!!

OK, at least got slides to divert their attention.

After forcing them to leave the toy store, we went to this HK restaurant to makan. This is me & Angela.

PC & Belinda! For some reason, this 2 switched their personality. Belinda this few days throw more tantrums than Angela. hmm...don't ask me why. *LOL* They do that very often!

I bought them school bags as well! They were happily putting things in & waving good bye to me saying "上学" (Go to school) *LOL*

Then they went to ride their duckie, pretending to go to school. *LOL*

Teletubbies their favourite, anyway, they love Barney as well, too bad here didn't sell their bags.

This is the gift sets for their friends, total 9 of them, but I prepared additional 2 more sets for Angela & Belinda in case they jealous when they see their friends have it.

Anyway, will blog about it maybe a few days later, coz I'm not sure if I can access the Internet tomorrow.

Opps...she did it AGAIN!

This is what happen if my little ones grab hold of pens without adults attention, they will either draw on chairs, walls, clothes, tables, floor or their FACE sometimes. Even I have given them pieces of paper, they draw on it for a few minutes. After they realise I'm not there, they will start drawing other places.

Recently I found they love to draw their hands, sometimes their legs too. Today was extreme!
At 1st I thought she just drew a few lines on her face, by the way, the photo shown above is Belinda. I was laughing at her, then she drew up her shirt & show me THIS!! I was so shock! I screamed for my nanny & PC to take a look! *LOL*

I think so realised she had made a mistake, she was very shy to show PC.

18 Apr 2009

Clean & Simple Layout

Sorry keep changing my blog's layout, must have kept readers confuse.

I quite like the color of our previous one but I find it quite small in terms of my posts. Kindly of restricted.

Anyway, found this one at http://btemplates.com/, there are lots of templates but all are not usable. Some needs lots of editing, so luckily found one. But I'll like to put my 2 little ones photo on the top right hand corner to report that sceney photo. Well obviously I'm a computer idiot, not sure how to do that.

Any suggestion how to do it???

My little ones birthday are coming real soon, was thinking how to celebrate for them. Initially wanted to throw them a party this weekend, but the thought that they still don't like big crowd, I put off this idea. So I decided to buy a cake to school, let their friends celebrate with them will be still very cool as well.

Anyway, ordered the cake, still need to pack little small gifts for their friends. Tomorrow better stock up the sweets & chocolate!! Forgotten what to pack, coz last time I use to help my mum to pack for my youngest sister. Better check out from her again!

12 Apr 2009

Weekend Activities

Every weekend I will always think of places which I can bring my kids to "jalan jalan", let them expose to new things.
Mostly parks will be my preferred choice, especially there are so many of them near where I am staying, plus its a good way for us to relax & spend really quality time together.

Last Saturday the weather was awesome, so didn't want to miss the sunshine, we went to this man-made lake near our house.

They were so excited about it, keep saying 船 & 水 while pointing at the boats & water.

They are trying to see if they can spot any fishes! *LOL* Anyway recently they are abit camera shy so its so hard to take photos of them facing the camera together.

Actually after their recent recover from the flu virus, somehow they didn't recover fully, the virus came back again. They have been resting at home for 4 days, coz their cough is real bad.
Even me so gotten, luckily I recovered fast.
Anyway, they are in the mid of recovering, but need to take medicine.

They always love to see dogs, whenever they spot one, sure will run after them & bark like one. *LOL*

There is a fountain nearby as well.

There is a church nearby as well, coz the whole "town" is like coping the European style.

If the weather isn't that good for outdoor activities, we will bring them to this indoor sand playground. Its not FOC, I need to pay! I bought vouchers so it just cost RMB20 per child, unlimited play time.

They are totally in love with it! Whenever I tell them lets go play sand, they will be hopping with joy, quickly grab their shoes & gear prepared & waiting at the main door for us. *LOL*
Anyway, thinking of bring them to the Zoo this coming weekend since their birthday is coming soon, I think they will love it, coz they love watch animal documentary.

3 Apr 2009

100th Truth About Me!

Tagged by Yummy mummy Kristie! Sorry for the delay. Anyway, thanks for the tag.

001. Name → Stacey
002. Nickname(s)→ Blur Queen, Piglet
004. Zodiac sign → Pieces
005. Male or female → Female
006. Elementary → Kindergarten
007. Middle School → Bedok West Primary School in Singapore
008. High School → Damai Secondary School in Singapore
009. College School → TMC private school in Singapore
009b. University → Monash University Gippsland Campus
010. Hair color → Light Brown
011. Long or short → In-between
012. Loud or Quiet → In between
013. Jumpers or Jeans → jeans
014. Phone or Camera → Both
015. Health freak → No.
016. Drink or Smoke? → drink
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → Yes but it was before I got married
018. Eat or Drink → Can I choose both?
019. Piercings → ears
020. Tattoos → Yes, on my right hips


023. First piercing → I think was right after my PSLE
024. First best friend → Primary school
025. First award → cant remember
026. First crush → I think it was during kindergarden...*LOL* can't remember!
027. First pet → I think was fish...can't remember
028. First big vacation → I think was China, my grandparents brought me & my sister.
030. First big birthday → I can't remember, I guess it might be my 1 year old birthday, coz I was the eldest grandchild


049. Eating → Nope, going to bed soon
050. Drinking → Plain water
052. I'm about to → sleep, waiting for my colleague's mail
053. Listening to → my husband's snore
054. Plans for today → E-mail to my customer then off to my beauty sleep
055. Waiting for → E-MAILSSSS.......

058. Want kids? → Already accomplish
059. Want to get married? → Already married
060. Careers in mind → Florist, boss owning a cafe.

068. Lips or eyes → eyes
070. Shorter or taller - of course taller
072. Romantic or spontaneous → romantic
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → nice arms
074. Sensitive or loud→ sensitive
075. Hook-up or relationship → relationship
076. Trouble maker or hesitant → Sometimes I find I'm a hesitant

080. Lost glasses/contacts → Yes, alot of times especially contacts
081. Ran away from home → nope
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → nope
083. Killed somebody → Of course not, otherwise I'll be in Jail!
084. Broke someone's heart → yup
085. Been arrested → nope
087. Cried when someone died → yes, my grandmother

089. Yourself → Yes
090. Miracles → YES YEs
091. Love at first sight → Yes, but it doesn't happen to me
092. Heaven → YES
093. Santa Claus → Nope
094. Tooth Fairy → Nope, coz I tried that before while I was young, nothing happen!
095. Kiss on the first date → No

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → No, I just want to sleep.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Not really, want to own a house
099. Do you believe in God → yes
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 20 people→ Can I don't? Coz I saw alot of mummies have already done this tag.

Face Making Competition

Recently my nanny is teaching them to close their eyes while washing their hair, so they though was fun to do that. Below are some of the photos I took, ok, lets start off with Ms Angela.

*LOL* Isn't she look adorable! I can't stop laughing.

OK, now lets take a look at what Belinda has.

She is indeed the camera girl, really know how to post! *LOL*