12 Aug 2009

I need a Break!

I have not been sleeping well recently; lots of dreams that I can't remember in detail. All I know is feeling extremely tired in the day.
I thought I will doze off while doing my work, hmmm..but I didn't coz my mouth, hands & brain didn't stop working, keep working...working...working...
I have been thinking of taking a break, a long break to re-charge myself. Didn't have a chance, coz there is always something going on, its so hard to take a small vacation. I don't understand why my US clients can do that when so many projects are running.
I think my stress level has already reached to the max! Maybe thats the reason my brain unable to relax. I really envy full time mummy, can spend the whole day with kids & the stress isn't that much. Suddenly feel like taking 1 month leave & really take a good rest, but thats so impossible.
Oh GOSH...I need a BREAK!

10 Aug 2009

Weekend Activities - Fish Catching

As usually for a beautiful Sunday we will bring the kids to the park just in-front of our apartments to either go for a walk or bubble time.
Actually this happen a few weeks ago, when one evening we were playing with bubbles, 4 young girls, age about 6~7 years old approached us.

They asked if we are interested in fish catching, that sound interesting, but when they told us that each person need to pay RMB5, I was shock. Its not about the price, I'm totally shock that at their age they have already become an Entrepreneurs. if I'm their mum, I'll be so proud of them.

So I asked my girls if they are interested to catch fish, hahaha..they immediately dashed to the blown pool & shouting "Fish....Fish"! Yes they practically love all the animals in the world.

They were each given a small basket to catch the fishes. Trying real hard to catch one.

In the end, we have to help to catch -_-"

Belinda is so happy, keep staring at the fish she caught.

This is actually call 泥丘, not too sure the proper English name for it.

Some aunts trying to negotiate the price with them, hahaha..in the end they offer RMB1 per person. But we still gave them RMB10 as an encourage for such a spirit. =)
The very next day, they have more things. They display all the toys they have at the same location, charging about RMB2 to play for an hour. -_-"
Such a smart kid!

Fun Activities - Making Paper Pillow

This art & craft was done in the Gymboree class. I thought it will be nice to share with mummies whom are brain-storming what to do at home.

This is pretty easy task to do together with kids, they call the "Paper Pillow".

Things that you need:
  • Envelop
  • Water color paint
  • Brush
  • Cotton
  • Glue


  • Ask you kid to paint a pillow for their favourite character toys
  • You can give them 2 colors or let them choose on their own
  • Encourage them to paint
  • Once is done, let it dry.
  • Put the cotton into the envelop, seal the envelop by gluing it

Doesn't it sound easy? Kids loves colors, let them paint what they want, you will be amaze by their master piece.
For me, I never restrict my kids on what should be the correct color, I let them explore & be creative. For example, during raining days they can't go out, I'll give them different color pencils for them. Ask them to paint a drawing of the rain. hahaha..they enjoy it alot!

Let your kids be creative with COLORS.

2 Aug 2009

Dressing up

I'm not sure whether is me or my genes have somehow passed to them or girls just born with it. Now they love dressing, must look pretty before they go out.

*My maid usually tie the hair for them*

*Now they look so gal gal*

*Angela is really a sweet darling*