21 Feb 2011


Something beautiful to share:

When the sun shines at me, it is as if you are smiling at me.
When the rain drizzle over me, it is as if you are my raincoat protecting me.
When the dusk sets, you are there ready to Sayang me to bed.
When the dawn rises, i feel the joy of seeing you sleeping soundly by my side.
When I see you smile, it melt my heart.
When I see you in sorrow, it makes me wanting to protect you.
When I am with you, I cherish every moment I had with you.
When you are away, I can't stop my burning desire to get the next ticket out to see you.

17 Feb 2011

Too many things with too little time

I guess everyone has the same thought as me! There are tons of things waiting for me to do, but it's impossible to finish up within a day, coz I only have 2 hands & a brain. Sometimes I felt so bad that I neglected my kids, just to finish my things. I have also stop signing up any new hobbies.
Coz I really have too many things, scraping, golfing, still working for my dad, also preparing the new restaurant. But luckily I still have my biz partner to help me out the restaurant renovation & all the preparation. There is so much that we need to plan & ask, but thing good is we finally gotten our keys & also open up a company account. I think it's a good head start after all. I am also preparing my online blog shop, but as you can see, still not done yet, actually website already done, just that the content I have finished yet.
Need to complete everything one at a time, my golf lessons also completing soon, looking forward to get my handicap real soon! I think given me 36 hrs also not enough, coz I still need my 6 hrs of sleep.
Not just me, I signed up drama class for my kids as well... Haha.. That's why all my friends call me Super Mummy!
Maybe I am those kind that really can't sit still...

Ok time to sleep now...

Ok, time for me to go to sleep finally. Coz I felt bad

6 Feb 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

Stacey & Family wishes everyone Happy Rabbit Year!