22 Feb 2009

Lisboa Restaurant in Shanghai

I haven't being to the city for quite a while, coz I'm really too lazy to travel down so far when I know I can do all my shopping near my area.

Anyway, I went down today to complete my registration at Kaplan for new ACCA subjects this year. This semester I just took one subject, but take exams for 2 subjects, well the other one I have attended the class last year. Anyway, classes starting in March, real soon...hai...will be as busy as a bee again!
After the registration, we went to Lisboa Restaurant (葡京茶餐厅) located at Huai Hai Lu (淮海路). They serve really nice Macau food, like the famous pork chop burger, egg tart, pineapple bun, Yuan Yang, & alots more.
Becoz only me & PC, so we only ordered a few dishes.

The famous Yuan Yang that is a must order item! For those who don't know, its actually a mixture of coffee & tea. PC loves the Yuan Yang here, as it taste richer compared to other places that serves Hong Kong food.

PC was going to start dig in, I stopped him, coz I wanted to photo, so he waited impatiently. hahah.. This is the famous pineapple bun (波罗包) , the slice of butter is suppose to into the bun & eat it, each slice for each bun is just nice. *Thumbs Up*

This is the famous Macau Fried Rice (澳门招牌炒饭), it is not an ordinary fried rice. As you can see from the photo, how generous the chef is, so much ingredients, got prawns, roasted pork, chicken, & other seafood, & lastly sprinkle fried small salty shrimps on top! Yummy!

This dish is some sort of bake rice with chicken stock (葡京鸡汁烩饭), mmm..although they put there chef recommendation, but I really find nothing special about this dish. So next time don't order this when you visit this restaurant.

Anyway, they have lots of branches in Shanghai, for more information you can visit their website at: www.lisboarestaurant.com.cn

Thanks for all your wishes

Yesterday was my 26th Birthday...my god..another year older!

Anyway, thanks for all the wishes from my family & friends, its really lovely of you!

Its really weird as I grow older, I'm not as excited as last time. Every year I will be waiting excited for surprises or gifts from my love ones, but now not at all. Not sure whether is it influence by PC, or maybe becoz I have learn that no expectation = no disappointment.

This year my birthday celebration was simple, lunch with colleague, dinner with PC, catch a romantic movie, then went back home for cake cutting.

Although its simple but I still appreciate the effort being made. =)
As for my birthday wish, I wish that I could find a perfect house within my budget & move in by next year!

21 Feb 2009

My 2 Little Princess

I miss them so much! Yes, they are in Malaysia coz its too cold in Shanghai so I have to ask my mother-in-law to help. They are turning 2 years old soon, my god, I can't believe how time flies... They can now call Papa & Mama & some other simple words like ball, hat (in Chinese), & lots more.

They know where their 5 organs (eyes, ears, mouth, nose), they even know where their butt is...hahhaa..sometimes the things they do really make me laugh, wonder, angry, amaze, worry & touch. But they really make me feel complete as a mother & proud of having them.

Although they are twin, but totally 2 different characters. Angela is very shy & very timid, Belinda is very out-going & likes challenges. So Belinda is always the one protecting Angela, if Angela accidentally knock on to something, she will help her hit that object that hurt Angela.
Belinda is always the one helping Angela to keep the toys even though I told Angela to do so.

Some people do ask me whether will I feel stress coping with family, work & studies at the same time, well I do feel stress at work & studies, but I will never think that my kids giving me stress at all. I find playing with them is a stress relief, I loving to see them grow, be part of their growth stage is so amazing & such a blessing.

Anyway, I'm going back Malaysia next week end to bring them back. So excited about it.

16 Feb 2009

FoxTown Outlet in Shanghai

Yesterday was a busy day for me, even though is a Sunday. As usually I slept until 10am, I don't know why I can't get up early. Maybe without the kids around to disturb me, I really enjoy & make myself very comfortable in my dream land *LOL*

Then PC & I went to meet up my maid to discuss on the salary, as I'm bring my kids over in February. Well, my maid wasn't happy with my offer - RMB2,500, she thought was too little as she needs to take care of the kids & do the house chores. Her target was about RMB3,000, which I think is too high. Its not say I can't pay that amount, but I'm just not too sure whether she can be up to that standard. Especially after my past experiences, my previous maid I gave RMB3,000 but she can't handle her job well & I still need to hire another RMB2,000 maid to just help me cook & do house chores.

Apparently the RMB2,000 is whom I'm trying to hire her to be my stay-home maid. Actually I quite trust & like her, coz she is very easy-going & most importantly she is that kind who can accept suggestions & feedback. My previous one will give me a grumpy face, this one will say "Thank you, Miss"! See 2 different attitude.

Anyway, I ended up offering her RMB2,700 for working 6 days per week. I'm so afraid she will turn down the offer, coz I'm really too lazy find or trial a new maid. Luckily she called & say will move in today. *LOL*
After a lunch with her, we drive to a nearby outlet call Foxtown. Its not far, we drive onto Hangzhou highway about 15 mins, exit at Xing Bin (No 7 exit). The outlet is just beside the highway exit.

Lots of parking lots available!
There are lots of brands shop available, for example Nike, Adidas, Lotto, Levis, Puma, Zegna, i.t.Shop (French Connection), Timberland, Columbia, Sisley, some other local famous brand, etc.

I really enjoyed shopping at Nike, it really reminds me of Nike warehouse in Australia. PC & I spent there the most, I bought 2 jackets & 1 Nike fit pants. All the items are 50%~80% cheaper than those selling in the city. Of course, don't except the latest design! PC wanted to buy a pair of Timberland shoes, but too bad, doesn't have his size. But its really damn cheap, 50% less from the market price. So you can imagine how much these brands have make-up their prices.

For those who are trying to find outlets in Shanghai, I recommend you this place instead of the "Shanghai Outlet". I think so far thats the worst outlet I have been, things are selling so expensive.

If you want to know more about this place, you can find information about them through most search engine.

Lastly, I'll let to show you how much things we have bought!

15 Feb 2009

My V-Day Gift from Hubby

I'm happy to announce that I was wrong. PC did prepare something for me yesterday! *LOL*
He suddenly present it to me while I was waiting for him after parking the car.
Seriously I didn't notice or smell any flower at all. So he really caught me in surprise.
In the end we had pizza for our V-Day dinner. Although is simple yet we still enjoy each other's company.

14 Feb 2009

Happy Valentines' Day

It's Valentines' Day, a day to receive gifts from your love ones or friends or your admirers.

As for me, not celebrating after last year experience. I'm not sure whether is it ok to say out LOUD here, but really no offence to those are vegetarian. But its really trouble to find a decent restaurant to eat during V-Day, especially I'm in suburb - Songjiang, there is no vegetarian restaurant, all serving set dinners with meat. I'm not vegetarian, but my husband is. So since last year I don't like to celebrate V-Day at all & I always hate the idea my husband give "You shall eat my potion of meat, I'll eat all the veges"! -_-
Anyway, I did prepare a present for him, even though I know he didn't prepare any for me. *sign*