16 Feb 2009

FoxTown Outlet in Shanghai

Yesterday was a busy day for me, even though is a Sunday. As usually I slept until 10am, I don't know why I can't get up early. Maybe without the kids around to disturb me, I really enjoy & make myself very comfortable in my dream land *LOL*

Then PC & I went to meet up my maid to discuss on the salary, as I'm bring my kids over in February. Well, my maid wasn't happy with my offer - RMB2,500, she thought was too little as she needs to take care of the kids & do the house chores. Her target was about RMB3,000, which I think is too high. Its not say I can't pay that amount, but I'm just not too sure whether she can be up to that standard. Especially after my past experiences, my previous maid I gave RMB3,000 but she can't handle her job well & I still need to hire another RMB2,000 maid to just help me cook & do house chores.

Apparently the RMB2,000 is whom I'm trying to hire her to be my stay-home maid. Actually I quite trust & like her, coz she is very easy-going & most importantly she is that kind who can accept suggestions & feedback. My previous one will give me a grumpy face, this one will say "Thank you, Miss"! See 2 different attitude.

Anyway, I ended up offering her RMB2,700 for working 6 days per week. I'm so afraid she will turn down the offer, coz I'm really too lazy find or trial a new maid. Luckily she called & say will move in today. *LOL*
After a lunch with her, we drive to a nearby outlet call Foxtown. Its not far, we drive onto Hangzhou highway about 15 mins, exit at Xing Bin (No 7 exit). The outlet is just beside the highway exit.

Lots of parking lots available!
There are lots of brands shop available, for example Nike, Adidas, Lotto, Levis, Puma, Zegna, i.t.Shop (French Connection), Timberland, Columbia, Sisley, some other local famous brand, etc.

I really enjoyed shopping at Nike, it really reminds me of Nike warehouse in Australia. PC & I spent there the most, I bought 2 jackets & 1 Nike fit pants. All the items are 50%~80% cheaper than those selling in the city. Of course, don't except the latest design! PC wanted to buy a pair of Timberland shoes, but too bad, doesn't have his size. But its really damn cheap, 50% less from the market price. So you can imagine how much these brands have make-up their prices.

For those who are trying to find outlets in Shanghai, I recommend you this place instead of the "Shanghai Outlet". I think so far thats the worst outlet I have been, things are selling so expensive.

If you want to know more about this place, you can find information about them through most search engine.

Lastly, I'll let to show you how much things we have bought!


Kristie said...

hi stacey, hope u remember me, remember gippy days? :)

wow u have twins! dont mind share some photos on ur blog one day ya? :) do feel free to drop by my blog too!

so nice to see u here, do keep in touch :)

Stacey Lim said...

Hi Kristie, of course remember you, I just went to your blog & leave a comment. Hope it helps.

Yap will put up some of my 2 princess photo.