14 Feb 2009

Happy Valentines' Day

It's Valentines' Day, a day to receive gifts from your love ones or friends or your admirers.

As for me, not celebrating after last year experience. I'm not sure whether is it ok to say out LOUD here, but really no offence to those are vegetarian. But its really trouble to find a decent restaurant to eat during V-Day, especially I'm in suburb - Songjiang, there is no vegetarian restaurant, all serving set dinners with meat. I'm not vegetarian, but my husband is. So since last year I don't like to celebrate V-Day at all & I always hate the idea my husband give "You shall eat my potion of meat, I'll eat all the veges"! -_-
Anyway, I did prepare a present for him, even though I know he didn't prepare any for me. *sign*

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