4 Mar 2009

Updates on my 2 Sweetie

I'm trying to sneak some of my working time to update the blog *Wink*

Coz by the time I put them to sleep, I'll be busy replying e-mails & when I finish is already midnight. Sometimes I find its real hard to have a balance between work & kids, making me like a crazy woman. Anyway, is the process that I have to go through & cope with it.

The weather in Shanghai is still pretty chilled, its about 9~15degrees & it has being raining for the whole week! Gosh!

So before I went back I bought heated plate to put onto the floor. Kids can just sit on top of it playing their toys without feeling cold. Plus it does make the whole living a bit warmer.

These heated plate are really good to use during weather plus they are movable, so if I were to move house, I can bring it along. It cost be me about RMB1,700 for 4 heat plates.

As the weather is cold, I didn't bring them out very often, usually let them stay at home & play with toys or watch some educational videos.

See Little Belinda is posting in front of the camera, she loves it. Luckily enough, they didn't lose any appetite...hahha..good news for me! We try to feed them with lots of fruits & water to make sure they don't dehydrate as the room was pretty dry due to heating system.

She won't forget to pose even busy snacking.

As for little Angela, she doesn't like to pose that much, but she loves to see the photos I took.

Sometimes I will ask them who is jie jie, Angela will be happily pointing at herself & say "jie jie". When I ask who is mei mei, both will point at each other. *LOL*

Whenever I ask them to wear this red little jacket, they just knew I'll be bring them out. They will quickly grab their red shoes & wear, & wait impatiently at the door.

Ok, a little short update, I promise to update more later today.
Need to finish the pile of work 1st.


agnes said...

hahaa.. I dont blog at home coz really got no time.. I blog only in the office!!!


Serene said...

They look exactly the same hor.. i think this is the first time i see your twins, i love bb twins leh, it just so cute when seeing two same human in front of us right? hahaha..
Oh ya, what a lucky girl, so many toys out there ya? Big Big Hello Kitty somemore... wow!

Stacey Lim said...

Hi Anges: Yap, coz the kids won't spare me some time to touch my computer. Even when I'm doing work, they will hop ard me, bring all their "masha" over & play beside me. Its so hard to concentrate.

Hi Serene: Ya, bought alot of toys for them coz scared they will feel bored. But I'm sending them to day-care center so won't be buying toys any toys lately.

Kristie said...

hi stacey, wah so many friends here now ya :)

glad to know more mummies right? good to exchange experience and stories!!!

ur gals are so cute... i notice there are always 2 of everything, toys etc... :)

Stacey Lim said...

Hi Kristie, yap...its real nice to know so many mummies. hahhaa..

No choice, otherwise they will fight with each other *LOL*