3 May 2009

Trip to Shanghai Sculpture Park in Sheshan

After a raining Saturday, the sun is out finally for the last day of the China's Golden Week holiday. Actually I have been planning to visit the sculpture park weeks ago, but PC was busy so dragged till now.

Well this park is not for free, we have to pay entrance fee. It is not cheap as well, Adult cost RMB80, children's' height less than 1.2m cost RMB50 (I can't believe that! Baby still need to pay?!?), pets cost RMB30 each (my gosh, if someone brings hamster how?). No wonder lots of people say China's entrance fees is the most expensive ones in the world!

The whole park is designed according to the 4 seasons themes - Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter, with sculptures made by famous people all round the park.

Photo taken at the entry. Don't mistaken Belinda is unhappy, she is really camera shy sometimes.

Now they love carrying their little Hello Kitty shopping bag wherever they go (except school). What they put inside? *LOL*, their snacks!

Angela still doesn't know how to show the victory sign, so end up she show all her fingers instead -_-"

Trying to pose in-front of the camera! *LOL*

I really love this park alot, especially the grasses! Its really comfortable to walk with my bare feets, so soft & cooling. My kids enjoyed that too!!

Portrait I took for Belinda while resting! Her eye lashes are really long, same as PC!

The park has lots of ponds, fountains & also a beach too! But I don't think can swim, maybe just play at the shallow water area. My kids were so busy playing with the sand & soaking their feets.

There are all kinds of sculptures, didn't have the time to take, coz the little ones were so tired they fell asleep while carrying them.

It was really an enjoyable afternoon with the soft breeze & warm sunshine! I think it is really a good way for me to re-charge my energy & soul.

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