15 Jul 2009

Back from MIA

Finally back from MIA! Lots of people must be wondering where I have been.

Well, I don't purposely going MIA for no reason. Its just one day, when I try logging on to blogger, it just can't go it. I mean all blogs are not accessible...crazy right! Well its common in China, coz they think their people do not need such information from the web.

They banned youtube & recently Facebook as well!
Doesn't it just sounds like the story "Frog in the Well"? HA!

Anyway, a good friend of mine give me this website to download the software, which allows me to access to all the BANNED websites once I turn it on. Its really funny at time when I'm turning on the software, coz it will say "Privacy: ON, or Turn OFF"! Hahaha...I didn't know going to youtube & blogger have to be soooooooooo private!

Anyway, please pass to your friends whom are "trap" into the same situation as me.
--> Download "Hotspot Shield"

So what had happen in the last few months? Anyway long stories to tell....so to shorten it, I'll post my babies recent photos & start blogging about them a few days later!


agnes said...

welcome back!! yea, I heard my frenz said China blocked blogger actually.. sigh~~

Wow, twins have grown up a lot!!! sweet~~

MommyAngel said...

ahahaha .... so that's your secret to enter your site ah?? Clever Clever :) :) So nice to see your little girls picture here again and wow, they really grow up so much!!

I read that they block some web site because of the tian-an-men incident happening lately .... and this is not the very first time already :(

Stacey Lim said...

Hi Agnes, read through your past post, seen how much your stomach has grown...wow..so excitied to meet your new baby.

Hi Caroline, the next time you come over China, don't have to be afraid you can't blog lor..

Jess said...

Well done...

From Jess

FenFen said...

hey stacey...remember me? yen fen from gippy?

AHh...i just stumbled upon ur blog here via lynette's blog...

ah...ur twins...they're so so so cute!!!!

Stacey Lim said...

HI Fen,
Of course I remember you! Your boy is so adorable. =)