9 Sep 2009

Finally a Break

Thanks for the encouragement readers have left me.
Finally bought my air tickets back to Singapore =)
I'm going back this coming weekend with my kids, but without my husband. Yes, I'm bring the twin back alone!
My friends & family were worried that I can't handle, but I believe should not be any problem. Coz Angela & Belinda is big enough to listen to my instructions. I have tried bring shopping myself before, it turns out ok.
Well, will update on my flight experience with them soon. =)


agnes said...

wow. what a challenge!!!! good luck!!! :)

Stacey Lim said...

Hi Agnes, yes at 1st I thought so too. But should be ok. hehee..

Juz MeL said...

Ah that would be very nice! How long u going back for? Meeting up with Tigger and Kitty for sure yah?! :) Take care.. hugs

FenFen said...

oooo....all the best ya!! its gonna be quite challenging.. i m oso going to spore for a short trip with my son this weekend during the raya holidays :)

MommyAngel said...

How's your trip? I bet both your girls is ok on the flight? Will you bring them back alone with you when you return? Have a nice break!