24 Sep 2009

Smooth Flight

Luckily for me, the whole trip in the plane was really smooth. They were very obedient, listen to what I say. But they were talking non-stop as usual. Sometimes the volume is so loud that I feel like burying myself.
So what they do in the plane? hahaha...
  1. During the take-off, they were very excited, looking outside the window, keep saying 飞机飞高高...高高...哇! 好高啊! 妈妈你看飞机飞高高咯..
  2. Until they have nothing to see except the clouds, they wanted to watch the TV. Coz we are taking SQ, so we have our own small TV to watch. They happily wearing their head-sets watching Power-Puff Girls.
  3. Lunch Time, they have their own kids meal, they absolutely love it! Becoz got chocolate biscuits, eggs & sausages, chocolate cakes, crackers. They didn't finished everything but manage to try everything they can find on that tray.
  4. Toilet time! OK, I have to bring both of them into that small toilet, possible? Of course! 3 of us squeeze in. So I settle their business one by one before mine, when reaches my turn, this is what they say "妈妈shh..啊?姐姐和妹妹帮你...shh...sh...shh..." (Obviously trying to imitate me. -_-" Somemore they say so loud, wonder got people heard it. hahah..
  5. Sleeping time. They can't completely lay down, coz it was really squeeze. Luckily they manage to sleep for 1.5hrs.
  6. So...after close to 5 hours...we finally touch down Singapore!

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