17 Feb 2011

Too many things with too little time

I guess everyone has the same thought as me! There are tons of things waiting for me to do, but it's impossible to finish up within a day, coz I only have 2 hands & a brain. Sometimes I felt so bad that I neglected my kids, just to finish my things. I have also stop signing up any new hobbies.
Coz I really have too many things, scraping, golfing, still working for my dad, also preparing the new restaurant. But luckily I still have my biz partner to help me out the restaurant renovation & all the preparation. There is so much that we need to plan & ask, but thing good is we finally gotten our keys & also open up a company account. I think it's a good head start after all. I am also preparing my online blog shop, but as you can see, still not done yet, actually website already done, just that the content I have finished yet.
Need to complete everything one at a time, my golf lessons also completing soon, looking forward to get my handicap real soon! I think given me 36 hrs also not enough, coz I still need my 6 hrs of sleep.
Not just me, I signed up drama class for my kids as well... Haha.. That's why all my friends call me Super Mummy!
Maybe I am those kind that really can't sit still...

Ok time to sleep now...

Ok, time for me to go to sleep finally. Coz I felt bad

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