22 Feb 2009

Thanks for all your wishes

Yesterday was my 26th Birthday...my god..another year older!

Anyway, thanks for all the wishes from my family & friends, its really lovely of you!

Its really weird as I grow older, I'm not as excited as last time. Every year I will be waiting excited for surprises or gifts from my love ones, but now not at all. Not sure whether is it influence by PC, or maybe becoz I have learn that no expectation = no disappointment.

This year my birthday celebration was simple, lunch with colleague, dinner with PC, catch a romantic movie, then went back home for cake cutting.

Although its simple but I still appreciate the effort being made. =)
As for my birthday wish, I wish that I could find a perfect house within my budget & move in by next year!

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Kristie said...

happy belated birthday dear :)