29 Mar 2009

A Brand New look for my Blog

Gosh! I'm really bad at editing the html codes!
I have being looking for new skin since yesterday, found some interesting ones, tried out a few as well, but some how it just won't fit nicely.

Found this skin, but again doesn't fit perfectly, need to do some edits. I'm trying to shift down the right side bars, but it just so hard. Hai...I just have to leave it this way, coz I'm really too sleepy to continue to squeeze my brain juice.


MommyAngel said...

I love the colour of your new blog skin and also the flowers :) However, I noticed some 'foreign language' somewhere is it? Nice layout actually, I am very bad in HTML code too and all the time, will try to edit and preview and edit and preview until I get it right coz for me, they really are a total foreign language :)

Kristie said...

so rosey! nice, romantic red :)

where did u go to search for templates?

Jess said...

Me also bad in html codes, most of time I will kacau my buddy to help me out! LOL

Stacey Lim said...

Caroline, Kristie & Jess, Thanks for the compliments!
You saw 'foreign language'? Where ar? I can't find it. Hai..these HTML code really made me fed up!
I got the templates from:

They have some nice ones, actually Serene's one also got it from here.

Maria said...

I love the color of your new lay-out. Congrats Girl..