25 Mar 2009

Recovering Part 2

Its great to see my girls are in the mid of recovering! Anyway, brought the girls to see the doctor again today coz the medicine finished yet they still have little bit of cough & running nose. Plus I got some medicine to increase their appetite.

So the doctor recommended me this, a chinese medicine which just stick onto the kid's belly button. Each day one piece.

The effect was fast, I stick on to their belly button in the morning. I heard from the teacher & nanny they are eating more than their usual potion. Then in the evening they had a early dinner coz they were quite hungry, the potion also increased & yet they can finish up a bottle of yogurt each. Wow...I was really amaze!

Anyway, I checked with the doctor any side effect on this, she said no, just maybe skin rashes at the belly area for some serious cases. Doctor only let me prescribed 6 pieces for each of them, as she say must observe, coz some times it might not work for some kids.
Lets see how things will go for these few days.


MommyAngel said...

Oh my ..... just stick onto the belly button and that's it? That's why sometimes, Chinese Medicine really have this kind of unexplainable effect! I really hope that in Malaysia they will have such hospital / doctor so that we can get more choice in terms of medication and healthy care as well.

Stacey Lim said...

Ya..I was also very amaze! Anyway, I'm still observing. If there is no other side effect, I can help u buy & post to u if you want.

Kristie said...

sometimes chinese medicine really amaze me... hehhe who would think of sticking a medicated sticker onto the belly button to increase appetie?

I am still surprised :)

glad ur both angels are getting

eugene said...

Always having nice feeling whenever i visit blogs that talk about children,,,

family first no matter what,

take care now stacey and have a great week ahead

first time here

Ultracoolmama said...

OMG!!! this is SO amazing!! Might be the answer to a lot of Mommie's prayers (i know I'm one of them) Why don't they have it here in Malaysia??!!