11 Mar 2009

It has being a week - How are the twin adapting?

Sneaking a 15 minutes breakfast break to update about my 2 little girls.

Luckily for me, they are adapting quite well at the moment. I have started sending them to nursery since last Thursday, which is about 5 minutes drive from my house.

So every morning I'll drop them off at school, kiss good-bye & off I go for work.

At 1st I'm so worried that sending them to school at such an early stage will create stress to them. But when I see them feeling bored, as they have limited space to play around in the house, I thought sending them to school might be a wise choice.

I usually wake them up at about 7am in the morning, coz need to drink milk, wash butt butt, brush teeth, etc. By the time they reach school will be about 8am, teachers will let them play at the hall until 9am then bring them to the classroom for exercise & breakfast. I think the school teaches very good habit, such as washing hands after each activities, before & after meals.

If the weather is good, teachers will bring them out for activities. Otherwise, they will bring them to the hall for some ball games.

^ This is one of the activities which both loves...drawing...above is Angela

^ Above is Belinda....now both can tell me what they are drawing. For example, Belinda was telling me she is drawing Fish (the picture she drew was 1 big oval & small circle) *LOL*

^ Kids playing ball games in the hall.

^ The kids really love outdoor activities!

For lunch, they usually serve rices with minced meat, vegetables & fruits. There are individual small beds for the kids during afternoon nap, which they will sleep for about 1 hour & a half.

After they wake up, its play time again! The school will serve tea breaks at 3pm, & 4 pm is going off time.

In the class, the age range from the youngest 18months to the oldest 30months. At their age, they are still playing with their own toys, & occasionally interact with other kids.

I'm happy that they are coping very well now in school.


goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

MommyAngel said...

I think the environment there is pretty nice ya. It's good that they were able to expose themselves with more things and friends there in the nursery!

Both your girl can draw so well in such a young age!! :)

MeRy said...

The school environment looks Ok...clean n tidy. Good environment for the twins.

Maria said...

Nice, nice picture. I am sure they really enjoy with this activity.

Thanks for following my blog. Keep in touch mommy.

Kristie said...

am glad that the twins are enjoying their new home and new environment!

the nursery looks really nice and spacious!

4MalMal said...

Hi I chanced upon your site and wow you have a pair of twin! just that alone makes you a very very capable mama! really! You have 2 really adorable girls

Stacey Lim said...

Hi...thanks for your message, its real nice to see them.

Good girl - Thanks alot! There is so much I want to write & improved on. Anyway, will try my best if I have the time.

MommyAngel - hahaa..thanks, I have being letting them to draw freely on the paper since 1 years old. So they are pretty good at hold color pencils.

Mery & Kristie - Yap, the surroundings are quiet as well, good for the kids.

Maria - Thanks for dropping by. Yap they really enjoy alot!

4MalMal - Thanks for dropping by. Hai..its really not easy to be a mother of a twin! Anyway, hope to drop by often. I do update about the girls when I have the time. =)