7 Mar 2009

A Survey thats all about me

When Agnes tagged me, I was wondering, hmmm what sort of survey will it be this time round. Hahahaa..coz I saw lots of mummies in the network filled up lots of different surveys, makes me knowing them better even if we haven't met before. =)
But I was shock with the length of this survey! *LOL* Anyway, I think its a chance for me introduce more about myself. Thanks Agnes!

Starting Time: 7.03.2009, 1.04pm

Name: Stacey Lim Hui Bian

Sisters: 3 younger sisters (24, 17, 12)

Brothers: None

Shoe Size: 7

Where do you live: Shanghai (Now)

Home sweet Home: Singapore

Favourite Drink: Mix Fruit Juices, Starbucks Coffee, Nescafe 3 in 1 Gold, HK Yuan Yang.

Favourite Breakfast: Toasted Bread spreads with salted butter & jam

Have you ever:
Been on a plane: Yes

Swam in the ocean: Yes, when I was in Greece.

Fallen asleep in School: hahaha..of course, who don't.

Broken someone's heart: oops...yes...sorry!

Fell off your chair: errrmmm...don't remember. Maybe have.

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: No...coz I'm a sleepy head, can't be waiting all night, maybe just for a few hours.

Saved mails: Yes, for work purposes. For personal, I'm just too lazy to delete all the files, so left them there since is unlimited storage *LOL*

What is your room like: Zen design

What's right beside you: I'm sitting comfortably on the sofa in the living room, there's my kids chair, coffee table, air-con & a glass of water.

What is the last thing you ate: White rice with Stir fried veges, pan-fry pork cutlet & "ru" eggs (haaha..my maid really spoiled me!)

Ever had
Chicken pox: Nope, haven't yet.

Sore Throat: yes

Stitches: Yes, when delivery Angela & Belinda.

Do you
Believe love at first sight: Yes, but doesn't happen to me.

Like picnics: Yes!

Who was the last person
You dance with: My hubby

Last made you smile: Angela & Belinda

You last yelled at: Angela & Belinda

Best feeling in the world: Soak the whole body in a tub of hot water

Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No

Whats under your bed: Heated cover.

Who do you really hate: Whose who irritates me, liars, rude & no manners people.

Is there a person who is on your mind right now: Nope, concentrating on this survey.

Do you want children: Yes

Do you smile often: Yes..

Do you like your hand writting: Nope...especially chinese characters.

Are your toe nails painted: Nope...coz winter now...

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: My kid's bed

What color shirt are you wearing: White

What were you doing at 7pm yesterday: Playing with my kids

I can't wait till: 13th March, I'm going to HK to attend my friend's wedding.

When did you cried last: Last night, was angry with my hubby coz in tooo concentrated with his work for the past one week. Now ok already! *LOL*

Are you a friendly person: ermmm...hard to say, quite ba..but have to see my mood.

Do you have any pets: Nope, but last time I had a dog, given to my friend already.

Do you sleep with TV on: Nope, I'll turn it off before I sleep.

What are you doing right now: Answering the questions, later preparing to attend classes.

Have you ever crawled through a window: hahaha..yes..

Can you handle the truth: Depends on what is it.

Are you too forgiving: Depends on what is it as well.

Are you closer to your Mother or Father: Mother

Who was the last person you cried in front of: Can't remember

How many people can you say you really love: mmm...so many...countless...but of course my family!!!

Do you eat healthy: mmm..not sure, but I consider balance meals

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: Yes...some only.

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you: Yes...but too many, can't remember.

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: Usually by myself, coz my gal frens all in Singapore.

Are you loud or quiet most of the time: hmmm..mixture of both.

Are you confident: Yes Yes..hehehe..

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago
*My gosh..so long ago!
- Taking my 'O' Levels exam
- Shopping
- Sit by the cafe & chit chatting
- Playing flute in the band
- Being a vice-head of prefect in the school

5 things on my to-do-list today
- Collect books from school
- Buy More socks for the kids
- Blog about my kids day-care experience
- Do Mask Mask tonight
- E-mail my hubby's sister about vaccines

5 snacks I enjoyed
- McDonald Fries
- Ice-cream
- Chocolate
- Pop-corn
- Sweets

5 things I will do if I were a billionair
- Buy a house with a in-house heated pool
- Charity
- Some to my mother & Sisters
- Buy a new car
- Bank the rest to earn more interest *LOL*

5 places I have lived in
- Muar
- Australia, Melbourne
- Singapore, Bedok
- Singapore, Upper east coast road
- Shanghai

5 Jobs I've had
* None, coz I'm working for my dad!

Time finished: 07.03.2009, 2.10pm


My Gosh! Finally finished!

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agnes said...

wow.. thanks for completing the tag.. at least get to know u better now!!! ;) cheers