22 Mar 2009

My 1st Award

I received this award from Maria quite long time ago, but really didn't have the time to blog about it. *Sorry Maria*
Anyway, its really heart warming to receive my 1st award from my reader *GIVE MARIA A HUG*
I do agree with Maria, it is important to remember that you have friends. Especially we females, very emotional 'creatures', in need of friends to share joy & sorrows!
Through out years, I met & made lots of friends, some goes & stays, but I always make a point to remember at least how they look like & the memories we had.
Me too left a lot of friends when I started working in Shanghai, my friends always made "complaint" that I took ages to reply their message in MSN *LOL*
Although we catch up with one another only 2 to 3 times a year, but they will always make themselves available when I'm back, its really sweet of them.
Anyway, through blogger, I made quite a numbers of friends as well. Even though we haven't seen one another, but by reading through their stories, makes me so close to them & bring friends so naturally. So I'll like to pass this award to:
Kristie, Michelle, MommyAngel, Serene, Jess, Nicole, Agnes, Mel, Mery, Rachel


Kristie said...

thanks dear to think of me for this award :)

nicole said...

Thx Stacey for this award! muak!!!

MommyAngel said...

Stacey, thanks for the award and your friendship too :)

Sweetie Michelle said...

thanks mummy stacey ^_^ xoxo

Jess said...

Stacey, nice to meet you here too!


agnes said...

thanks for the award!! ;)

Maria said...

Thanks for posting this girl. Welcome to the club of Blog hopping. keep in touch.