22 Mar 2009


After 4 days of battle with the flu virus, my little ones have finally recovering & gaining back their appetite! I'm so happy about it, when the nanny told me that this morning they have finished their milk.

This is really a very good news than winning a lottery *LOL*. I mean recalling those 4 days were terrible, they hardly wanted to drink or eat anything. It was really a hell time, they always wanted to be carried around, making noise occasionally, really didn't know what they want.

Now its time to gain back the weight they have lost!


Kristie said...

ur girls are so cute... they really love to self feed ya, that's so good!

btw, how old did they start self feeding?

MommyAngel said...

I am so glad to know that they have recovered and start eating thier meals / milk!! You take care too ya coz mummy need some rest too :)

Stacey Lim said...

Hi Kristie,
Ya, they are now trying to act like a big kid, wanna do things themselves! *LOL*
So I try to teach them gd habits too --> eg throwing their rubbish to the bin.
I train them self feeding when they were 1 years old. They love it.

Hi Caroline,
Ya, I'm so glad they are wanting food now. Although they still cough abit, so have to continue drink medicine. I will, being reading some books to teach me how to relax & be a wise mother. =)

little prince's mummy said...

Glad to hear her appetite is getting better!~ Self-feeding somemore.. ;)

Wonderful Life said...

Aww... they're so adorable. Glad that both are doing fine now.