18 Mar 2009

Our Hong Kong Trip

Last weekend we flew over to HK to attend one of my good friend - Samson's Wedding Dinner.

It was my 1st time attending church wedding, my gosh..its so beautiful & touching.

My 2 little girls followed as well, but we didn't plan for any trip to Disneyland as we thought they are still very young, they might not remember it, plus they might be scared by those carton characters. So we just brought them to stroll along the harbour as our hotel is just beside it.

They were pretty ok through out the flight, when we reach the hotel, it was already 3 plus in the afternoon. Both went "crazy" running around the hotel room *LOL* Jumping on to the bed, playing with the room light switches & TV remote control.

In the evening, we met up with a few friends for dinner & stroll along the harbour.

^ I met up with Henrie, one of my good Uni friend. Its still pretty chill in HK, its about 14 degrees at night, so the girls need to wear something to keep warm.

^ I met up with Zyan as well, he came specially from Malaysia to attend the wedding too, plus he was the best man as well.

^ It has been a long while since we took family photos!

The next day morning, we went to the church for the ceremony, seriously speaking I almost cry, coz it was really very touching to see 2 love birds taking their vows.

^ This was taken while waiting for the the ceremony to start.

^ Samson & his wife!

So after the ceremony, we quickly went for lunch at the restaurant in our hotel. It so hard to find a restaurant in HK that doesn't taste good, I think all the Cantonese food in HK all tasted so good, every dish are my favourite!

After Lunch, we quickly get change to casual outfit & here we go shopping! *LOL* Actually I find it real hard to shop when the twin are around. For instance, I went Sasa to buy some cosmetic products, they were busy making a mess, playing with what they can grab. So its a pity that I didn't shop for anything in HK even they are having massive sales! *SAD*

^ The girls were so happy looking at the ships sailing, & aeroplane flying in the sky. They will be very exciting & keep pointing at ships or aeroplane & tell me what they are.

^ Both are hyper active, some times I wonder where their energy comes from. *LOL*

^ They just love drinking water from the same bottle! *LOL*

In the evening, we brought the girls back for a short nap, as my friend told me usually the dinner in HK starts at 9pm!! My gosh... I thought thats worse than Singapore! As my girls usually goes off to bed before 9pm if they didn't take any evening naps.

^ This was taken in the hotel lobby while waiting for the dinner to start.

Luckily we were staying that the hotel which they are holding the dinner, so I can bring the girls back to the room any time.

By 10pm, they were pretty tired, making lots of noisy, so we have to leave the dinner early.

My husband was really very sweet, he told me to catch up with my friends, while he will take care of the kids. So after the wedding dinner, I went to a nearby pub to have a drink. It was so great to catch up with them & talk about the good old times. Henrie always tells me that she still can't believe that I'm married & now a mother of 2, time really fly real fast!

We were thinking of organising another gathering, maybe in gippsland, Bali, or any where. But it really take forever to finalise it! *LOL*


Update of the girls

Due to the weather changes too fast, the girls finally can't "tahan" it, caught cold, having running nose, coughing real bad & fever occasionally. I always hated when the girls get sick, making me so worried & tired! Last time was usually one of them, now both get sick, double the trouble & mess! So I applied leave today & brought them to see a local doctor, luckily don't need to go for any dripping (its a common practise in China, if someone is sick).

I can still remember when Angela 1st time gotten fever, the nurse poke the needle through her forehead & I'm suppose to hold on to her head. Can you imagine how heart broken I am, she was screaming like hell, I couldn't take it, cried with her. So I told myself I won't let my kids to go through that again!

Anyway, they have been drinking medicine the whole day, didn't have any appetite to eat anything, ever though they are still actively playing in the house. I just hope they will get well soon. Coz it really stress me out when they are sick especially now my workload is so heavy.

Recently I have been sleeping around 12 mid-night, even I work from 8am to 3.30pm (need to fetch the girls from School at 4pm). I think my stress level has really reach my limit, to that extend I have no patience with my customer's request at all.

My social skills has dropped, don't feel like talking much, look grumpy all the time. Gosh...I think I really need a calm myself down! I have tried to finish up all the things, but it just keep piling up, FYI, I'm in charge of 8 customer account plus I'm also assisting the finance department & also preparing ISO documents for Sales department. I really have no time for my study (ACCA) as well!

I think all I need now is a break!


Sweetie Michelle said...

love yourself :)

little prince's mummy said...

Your gals always wear similar clothes.. so sweet

Kristie said...

hi stacey, just do what u can do ok... everyone has their limits, u are not a machine!

ur girls are so cute, love the pix of them drinking from the same bottle, so heartwarming!

Kristie said...

oh btw, nice to see some familiar faces such as zyan, he looks good! haha :)

Stacey Lim said...

Hi, thanks for the message.

Michelle: Thanks, finding some ways to pamper myself now. hehee..

Little Prince's Mummy: Ya..but I try to let them wear different color pants, otherwise the teachers can't recognise. *LOL*

Kristie: thanks, yap, trying let myself relax. I love the pic as well. hehee..
Ya, its been a long time since the gippsland ppl catch up.
The next time will let u know when will be the next gathering, U can join as well! =)

Kristie said...

sure stacey, that will be a HUGE gathering hehe :)