18 Apr 2009

Clean & Simple Layout

Sorry keep changing my blog's layout, must have kept readers confuse.

I quite like the color of our previous one but I find it quite small in terms of my posts. Kindly of restricted.

Anyway, found this one at http://btemplates.com/, there are lots of templates but all are not usable. Some needs lots of editing, so luckily found one. But I'll like to put my 2 little ones photo on the top right hand corner to report that sceney photo. Well obviously I'm a computer idiot, not sure how to do that.

Any suggestion how to do it???

My little ones birthday are coming real soon, was thinking how to celebrate for them. Initially wanted to throw them a party this weekend, but the thought that they still don't like big crowd, I put off this idea. So I decided to buy a cake to school, let their friends celebrate with them will be still very cool as well.

Anyway, ordered the cake, still need to pack little small gifts for their friends. Tomorrow better stock up the sweets & chocolate!! Forgotten what to pack, coz last time I use to help my mum to pack for my youngest sister. Better check out from her again!


Ultracoolmama said...

Hi! thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your temp, I think it's just very nice.. clean and simple. I just had my daughter's birthday.. went to some wholesale place near Jalan Masjid India and bought all the stuff for the goodie bags... like bubbles, keychains, note book and pencils/eraser... Hope that helps...

Stacey Lim said...

Hi Ultracoolmama, Ya read about your experience in the island.
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a look at the shopping mall today!