19 Apr 2009

Opps...she did it AGAIN!

This is what happen if my little ones grab hold of pens without adults attention, they will either draw on chairs, walls, clothes, tables, floor or their FACE sometimes. Even I have given them pieces of paper, they draw on it for a few minutes. After they realise I'm not there, they will start drawing other places.

Recently I found they love to draw their hands, sometimes their legs too. Today was extreme!
At 1st I thought she just drew a few lines on her face, by the way, the photo shown above is Belinda. I was laughing at her, then she drew up her shirt & show me THIS!! I was so shock! I screamed for my nanny & PC to take a look! *LOL*

I think so realised she had made a mistake, she was very shy to show PC.

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