24 Apr 2009

Gymboree - Best Children Wear Online Store

I love search on good online stores that serves good quality things, especially when I can't actually see or feel the texture of the products. Many disappointed me with the poor quality of jewelry, cheap fabrics; pictures can be really deceiving!

But there is one brand that I came across that is really good - Gymboree. I think many mummies must have heard this US brand before. They specialise in selling top quality from babies to big kids clothes!

As for the prices, it can be slightly more expensive compared to children wear in Malaysia, but relatively same price as Singapore. But I usually go for items that are on sales! Coz items are go as low as US$4!

But I must mention this before hand, their clothes are made in China. With the same quality I found much higher price in China compared to Gymboree Online, isn't that weird? Well I figured out that it must be the taxes that have caused the price so not reasonable.

I bought quite number from Gymboree last year, coz the international shipment is so expensive, so have to grab it all, not wasting the shipping fee. The quality were really good, very comfortable, Angela & Belinda are still wearing it.

The reason for so obsess with this brand is becoz of the quality, stylish, sweet & colorful design that I can resist myself from buying! Anyway, they are having 60% spring sales at the moment!

For those mummies or daddies that are in Singapore, you can apply vpost with Singapore Post, which can save you hips on the posting fee. Coz vpost will issue you a US address which Gymboree can deliver to & Singapore post will only charge S$50 for sending back the goods from US to Singapore! The best part is Gymboree is giving free shipping if you shop more than US$100. So worth it!!!

These are some collections that I really love


Serene said...

Thanks for sharing. I love this brand too.. Got to ask my husband to register with SingPost before i start shopping.. haha!

Stacey Lim said...

You are welcome Serene! Good things must share with everybody! =)