22 Apr 2009

Angela & Belinda Finally Turns 2!!

Angela & Belinda's birthday is actually on the 21st April, but I needed to go on a business trip so celebrated in advance. We brought cake & gifts to school to celebrate for them, it was really fun! The kids were very excited!
I didn't have time to bake a cake for them, so bought a fruit cake from the bakery.

Teachers are trying to gather the rest of the kids to sit around Angela & Belinda.

Everyone is singing birthday song for them! They looked very shock, didn't know what's happening. *LOL*

*LOL* They didn't know how to react!

Teachers are very sweet, they prepare gifts for each of them!

The kids can't wait to try out the cake!

Family photo shot! The lady beside me is the nanny that take care of my kids!

These are some of their friends, their age around 18 months to 36 months.

Things they can do & likes by now:
  • Eat by themselves
  • Knows how to call their names, & each other names & also 公公, 婆婆, 阿姨, 叔叔, 姑姑&舅舅.
  • Can count numbers
  • Can say different colors in English
  • Can totally follow Barney & Teletubbies dancing actions
  • Knows how to hide things & pretend don't know where they were
  • Can name the songs which they want me to sing.
  • Drawing skills are improving
  • Able to tell me what they do in school
  • Wear shoes by themselves
  • Able to wear pants by themselves
  • Loves to watch animals, know what sounds Cat, Dog, Frog, Duck, Birds, Chicken make.
  • Know how to brush teeth
  • Able to spot insects that are camouflaged
  • Love piling wood block
  • Love to eat yogurt
  • Love eggs & fishes

Funny things about them:

  • Like to dig their nose, then purposely wipe on your clothes or put into our mouths!
  • Love to race
  • Belinda hates vegetable, so whenever I put vegetable with eggs. She eat a few spoons, then look at the bowl & look at me say "菜", meaning they don't know
  • Love to carry a carrier whenever they go out.
  • If one made a mess or mistake or bully, the other one will come & complaint to me.
  • Belinda will ask Angela to keep quiet when she is too noisy.
  • Angela will scold Belinda when she is naughty. *Baby Language*
  • Belinda will hit Angela's butt when she is naughty.
  • Very confidence, whether they accomplish some thing they will say "很棒啊" & clap their hands -_-"


Sweetie Michelle said...

happy to see their development.. :D

Kristie said...

wow the cake looks like a huge pineapple!

Happy belated birthday to both angela and belinda, they are growing so well, u are a doing a great job mummy :)