12 Apr 2009

Weekend Activities

Every weekend I will always think of places which I can bring my kids to "jalan jalan", let them expose to new things.
Mostly parks will be my preferred choice, especially there are so many of them near where I am staying, plus its a good way for us to relax & spend really quality time together.

Last Saturday the weather was awesome, so didn't want to miss the sunshine, we went to this man-made lake near our house.

They were so excited about it, keep saying 船 & 水 while pointing at the boats & water.

They are trying to see if they can spot any fishes! *LOL* Anyway recently they are abit camera shy so its so hard to take photos of them facing the camera together.

Actually after their recent recover from the flu virus, somehow they didn't recover fully, the virus came back again. They have been resting at home for 4 days, coz their cough is real bad.
Even me so gotten, luckily I recovered fast.
Anyway, they are in the mid of recovering, but need to take medicine.

They always love to see dogs, whenever they spot one, sure will run after them & bark like one. *LOL*

There is a fountain nearby as well.

There is a church nearby as well, coz the whole "town" is like coping the European style.

If the weather isn't that good for outdoor activities, we will bring them to this indoor sand playground. Its not FOC, I need to pay! I bought vouchers so it just cost RMB20 per child, unlimited play time.

They are totally in love with it! Whenever I tell them lets go play sand, they will be hopping with joy, quickly grab their shoes & gear prepared & waiting at the main door for us. *LOL*
Anyway, thinking of bring them to the Zoo this coming weekend since their birthday is coming soon, I think they will love it, coz they love watch animal documentary.


Serene said...

Nice scenery! Nice weekend activities!!

Jess said...

When they getting older sikit, they will look forward every weekend liao!