26 Jul 2009

Happy Birthday to my Beloved Hubby

On the 21st of July, my beloved hubby turned 32 & my twin girls turn 27 month!

Unlike my husband, I think birthday should be celebrated, its the most important day, the day you are born! Your existing make a difference to the world in any way.

Of course not organising a big party, but at least a cake will be nice & warming. We just had a simple dinner with the colleagues & simple candle blowing session.

My husband has changed alot through the marriage, I think both of us do. He is not really that bad initially, just bits of things very annoying. Well, like many people say, no one is perfect.
Anyway, now he really will spend time with the girls, play with them, feed them, & bathe them.
Besides my maid do the cooking, my husband is another chief at home. He actually cooks better than me! *LOL* I'm usually the one being served...hahaha..
Anyway, overall he is a loveable husband, as well as a adorable daddy!

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