26 Jul 2009

Weekend Fun Time - Bubble Play

Every weekend I'll think of activities to let my kids to play, otherwise they will go "crazy" at home.

So last weekend we had a bubble play! I don't understand the "thing" between bubbles & children, kids just loves it soooo...much.

PC bought this "look like" frog blowing bubble guns, the idea of having a motor to just blow the bubble is nice, but there are sounds of frogs every time they press the trigger...that sounds making us crazy.

Anyway, the kids think its fun with the whole bubble & sound effect!

Great activities to play with no matter what ages of kids.

*Angela playing happily*

*See how concentrated they are*

*They pretending it a gun & shot Daddy*

*Happily Playing*

*This time they are trying to aim at Mummy*

*They love the speed of the bubbles being blown out*

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