10 Aug 2009

Weekend Activities - Fish Catching

As usually for a beautiful Sunday we will bring the kids to the park just in-front of our apartments to either go for a walk or bubble time.
Actually this happen a few weeks ago, when one evening we were playing with bubbles, 4 young girls, age about 6~7 years old approached us.

They asked if we are interested in fish catching, that sound interesting, but when they told us that each person need to pay RMB5, I was shock. Its not about the price, I'm totally shock that at their age they have already become an Entrepreneurs. if I'm their mum, I'll be so proud of them.

So I asked my girls if they are interested to catch fish, hahaha..they immediately dashed to the blown pool & shouting "Fish....Fish"! Yes they practically love all the animals in the world.

They were each given a small basket to catch the fishes. Trying real hard to catch one.

In the end, we have to help to catch -_-"

Belinda is so happy, keep staring at the fish she caught.

This is actually call 泥丘, not too sure the proper English name for it.

Some aunts trying to negotiate the price with them, hahaha..in the end they offer RMB1 per person. But we still gave them RMB10 as an encourage for such a spirit. =)
The very next day, they have more things. They display all the toys they have at the same location, charging about RMB2 to play for an hour. -_-"
Such a smart kid!

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