12 Aug 2009

I need a Break!

I have not been sleeping well recently; lots of dreams that I can't remember in detail. All I know is feeling extremely tired in the day.
I thought I will doze off while doing my work, hmmm..but I didn't coz my mouth, hands & brain didn't stop working, keep working...working...working...
I have been thinking of taking a break, a long break to re-charge myself. Didn't have a chance, coz there is always something going on, its so hard to take a small vacation. I don't understand why my US clients can do that when so many projects are running.
I think my stress level has already reached to the max! Maybe thats the reason my brain unable to relax. I really envy full time mummy, can spend the whole day with kids & the stress isn't that much. Suddenly feel like taking 1 month leave & really take a good rest, but thats so impossible.
Oh GOSH...I need a BREAK!


MommyAngel said...

can you take a break?? If can just take it without thinking so much! Left all those to think off after you have come back! 休息是为了走更远的路 ..... you take care ya :) BTW, have you sent me any emails / MSN me lately? Just want to double check with you la :)

Jess said...

ang moh can just do that, but we asian cannot. why ?

From Jess

wenn said...

hi, a day or two days also a good break..so go for it..

Juz MeL said...

Poor piglet.. you really need a break lar.. cannot overwork yourself... how about taking just 1-2 days?