30 Sep 2010

My New Gadget - Sony NEX 3

I have been thinking of getting a new camera for a long.... time, but wasn't sure what to get, DSLR? Nikon? Canon? Sony? Lumix? My gosh... so many brands to choose from. Plus I have a idiot to camera, basically I need everything to set as auto. I wasn't sure the effect for different shutter speed & so on.

Anyway, my sister was talking about this Sony camera (Anyway she is a photography genius). So we went to take a look & it took me one week to consider & decide OK, this is the baby I am getting.

Well, the sales person demonstrate alot of great features of this camera, & apparently quite easy to use. I was thinking of whether to choose the NEX 5 or NEX 3, in end I settled with NEX 3 to save the S$300 for the metal casing. I took the latest color white!! Hahahha.. so happy with my new baby.

The best part I like about this camera is, they have a built in camera tuition inside, is it cool! Whether I am bored, I will just take a look at the tips they gave for photo shooting. I think this is pretty cool for me.

Below are some of the photos I took last weekend.

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