19 Apr 2009

Advance Celebration for Them

Angela & Belinda's birthday suppose to be on the 21st this month, but I need to fly to Northern China for business trip. So no choice have to celebrate in advance, coz I really don't want to miss this important occasion!

Anyway, suppose to go down city today, but PC wasn't free. So I have to do all my shopping in this district called "七宝", coz Capital Hall has invested one shopping mall there which there are a few shops for child stuff.

So the girls went to the toys store to hunt for their birthday present. Actually I'm very picky in terms of buying toys, those I think my girls can't learn anything from the toys I won't refuse to buy for them.
At 1st they were playing with this Teletubbies moving soft toy, PC asked them if they want. Of course, kids want all the toys in the world. But I told them NO, go pick something else. Coz they will just play for 15 mins & leave it in their toy box. In the end we bought colorful piling bricks for them at an offer price, which they enjoyed playing especially with adults encouragement.

They were happily playing at a small play area in the shop.

This little tent suppose to let kids play with little plastic balls, since there are none, my kids invented a new way to play with it.

This is when she is READY!

See they play as if the tent is a rolling ball!!

OK, at least got slides to divert their attention.

After forcing them to leave the toy store, we went to this HK restaurant to makan. This is me & Angela.

PC & Belinda! For some reason, this 2 switched their personality. Belinda this few days throw more tantrums than Angela. hmm...don't ask me why. *LOL* They do that very often!

I bought them school bags as well! They were happily putting things in & waving good bye to me saying "上学" (Go to school) *LOL*

Then they went to ride their duckie, pretending to go to school. *LOL*

Teletubbies their favourite, anyway, they love Barney as well, too bad here didn't sell their bags.

This is the gift sets for their friends, total 9 of them, but I prepared additional 2 more sets for Angela & Belinda in case they jealous when they see their friends have it.

Anyway, will blog about it maybe a few days later, coz I'm not sure if I can access the Internet tomorrow.

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